Continuing with the spirit of Structured Inquiry, and following the mission of CBSE, the middle years provide a framework of academic challenge that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, and become critical and reflective thinkers.

We strive to focus our energies on guiding students to become powerfully literate, well rounded academically and responsible first to themselves then to local community and finally to the global community. With us, in addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics ,Science ,Social Studies and Tamil/French/Hindi, students get the opportunity to learn Performing Arts/Visual Arts and Physical Education.

middle school 2

Wherever it is advantageous and appropriate we take education outside of the classroom to involve students in experiential learning. Various Experience trips are conducted around the world. These trips give significant emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills in students, as well as self-reliance, compassion and cross-cultural understanding.

The assessments are planned in line with the new assessment policy, AY 2021-22 by CBSE.

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